Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Great post alert!

My friend Emily has been writing about the shifts in her energy. Go Here to read it.

It's good stuff.

Reading her post made me realize that one of the things I LOVE about a liturgical church is that it has a rhythm to it throughout the year. Up and down, in and out. Year in, year out. And yet, the cycles are never exactly the same. It is more like there are intersecting energies that can mesh together slightly differently each year. The in cycle of inner examination can overlap the up (joy) time, or the down times. The outward energy, too, can be joyful one year or... what, hungry? the next.

God created cycles. When, like Emily, you stop fighting them and start honoring them, it can be an amazing thing.


Natalia said...

I am in one of the downward cycles...listening to my body, honoring its wisdom. There is a depth to our selves that we do not acknowledge often in this mrntally-driven culture. To know our faith, we must also embody it. My prayers are for you as you encounter God in your inner journeys and through the discoveries of those around you. Peace.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...


I think the trick with all of this is to recognize and accept (or honor) those cycles. It is when we try and force ourselves to shift into 'high gear' even when we are in a low gear time that things get so frustrating.

Lent is a perfect time for the down cycle. It is, by nature, a time of inward focus, maybe even a sense of isolation. It invites us to deep self examination before we are asked, in Pentecost, to speak to the world of what we know to be true.