Monday, January 21, 2013

Fear not

Much shifting is taking place for me, lately.  I have been on a spiritual roller coaster ride since my retreat in November.  But God has been giving me many graces and consolations, including a thirst for the scriptures that has been a great blessing.  He is speaking to me through his word, through liturgy, through sacraments and in meditation.

I have been going to church several times a week.  It has been a respite in the midst of everything.  On days that I don't go, I feel like something is missing.  Blessed are you, sweet King.  I am so grateful for all that is unfolding, even when I am afraid or sad.  You whisper to me

"trust me."

"don't be afraid."

"trust me."

And I think I do, deep down inside.  I think I do.