Monday, March 19, 2007

Cleaning house

Spring must be in the air because my thoughts are turning towards cleaning.

I went to the Big Blue and Red store today and bought new towels and face cloths for the bathroom and new stuff for my bed.

My room is a chaotic mess, with laundry, clean and otherwise, dust bunnies, a real bunny who visits when he can and chews up the wall paper and books. I have far too many books in my room, most of them from a lifetime ago. Many no longer feel relevant, so have become clutter.

I have summer clothes in boxes under the bed and a closet stuffed with things I don't wear and luggage and shoes and even a massage table in a big black canvas bag.

The tops of the bureaus are covered with dust and spare buttons and jewelry and wooden boxes filled with tarot decks I no longer read.

My bedside shelves have all the half read or finished books from the last several years, stacked and piled and hiding one another.

There is no peace in this sanctuary.

So today I stripped the bed of it's tired quilt and tattered sheets and replaced them with a new set of damask striped 400 thread count Egyptian cotton (clearance rack score) and an ivory cotton bedspread and shams and pillows and I started pulling out all the stuff that I no longer need. Which is nearly everything.

Out it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I have been told that we spend the first 40 years collecting stuff and the last 40 (God willing) getting rid of it.

Here's a site that I have found useful when it comes to figuring out what to do with my material burdens.

Unburdening myself of worldly possessions and their hold on me makes me realize what's important in my life.