Monday, September 18, 2006

Staph meeting

Noah has one of those virulent, antibiotic resistent, super bug staph infections on his leg.

I am keeping my concern to a dull roar. I am trying not to freak at every little itch I feel. And I am resisting checking his leg every five minutes to see if the infection is spreading. We used a permanent marker to draw blue circles around the bumps so we would know if they got bigger or smaller. So far, smaller, but probably not due to the generic antibiotic he was on over the weekend. Maybe his daily salad habit and the beautiful sunshine have given him a super immunity to combat the super bug.

Our doctor says that she hasn't seen this particular infection in 20 years. And has had three kids hospitalized with it in the last week. She is having us put goo in our noses and has Noah on a super bug killing cocktail that tastes about as horrible as a sulpher based medicine should. Monster farts in a bottle. 3 teaspoons of the stuff twice a day.

And yes, we are dousing everything with Purel. Which is probably one of the causes of this bad bug in the first place. But at this point it is a necessary evil.

I appreciate your prayers on this one, gang.


Anonymous said...

Lord, heal your child, Noah-In the Name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who with You and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns to ages of ages. P+

Nancy said...

I'll add an 'amen' to the above!

I'll be praying for you too Rachel.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Thanks you two!

Noah's leg seems to be basically the same, which is good even if it isn't getting radically better. He is pretty stoic about taking the icky medicine, too.

I appreciate the prayers!

juniper68 said...

prayers still coming...