Friday, September 08, 2006

prayer and bunny updates

For 3 nights in a row I have read the evening psalms from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. And prayed the little 5 part prayer that Fr. P gave me:

asking forgiveness for my mistakes
praising God
thanking God (usually these two meld together into a single love-fest)
intercessions for others
requests for myself

I read the psalms out loud.

Also, on a completely different topic:

I came home from walking the children to school this morning to find my very naughty bunny sitting on the sofa, chewing the buttons off the remote control. Going on the sofa is a new trick for him.

Now I will have no idea what channel I just turned to.


Nancy said...

I'm laughing at the image of that naughty bunny. My naughty bunny hasn't got on the sofa yet, but recently got up on the ottoman and pulled off papers to chew on. He knocks over the waste basket to get paper to chew on too. He's also chewed the rug to pieces underneath the sofa, so now I can never rearrange the furniture. Bunnies, just have to love 'em!

Rachel's Big Dunk said...


Isn't a rabbit just the funniest pet? People have no idea how great they are. They are quiet, rascally, litter box trained and soft. Their poop doesn't smell bad like cats or dogs, so the litter box changing is a cinch. They don't bark and they don't scratch. But oh do they nibble. Everything. Theo has a particular fondness for my vintage books. Must be the old cloth bindings. I have had to put them out of his reach.

For anyone interested in a rabbit for a pet, contact the House Rabbit society to find a shelter near you. We adopted ours and I STRONGLY reccomend against going to breeders or pet stores. (Usually pet stores have unhealthy bunnies that breeders have rejected.)