Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lazy Summer

What a wonderful thing camping is. We took the boys to a primitive campground here in RI for a few days and had the time of our lives. Beautiful weather, good fishing, a cute and tiny trailer and a tent for the boys all made for a lovely few days.

I forgot the camera (Jo(e), please tell me how you manage to remember! LOL) so instead made funny sketches of some of the details: a sassefras sapling, our clothes hanging on a line, the iron frying pan and enamel coffee pot.

On Thursday, we called my brother Jake and invited him and his remaining dog, Roo, to join us for dinner. We originally planned to have grilled flank steaks and roasted potatoes and corn and salad, but that day the boys and Nguyen caught 3 bass, one of which was HUGE, so we ended up having all of the above plus fish for an appetizer. Nguyen cleaned them and cooked them whole on the grate, marinated in curry and garlic and green onions. It was a flavor that brought me back to my own childhood, reminding me of summer mornings in Georgian Bay, with bacon, eggs and fried bass for breakfast.

At first, I was a bit daunted by the prospect of 5 days with nothing to do, but after awhile, I began to thoroughly relax and enjoy the pace. The kids found infinite diversions. I relished my naps and reading and sketching, bathing in the pond and cooking over the fire.

It was a lovely week.


Nancy said...

Welcome back Rachel! Your trip sounds wonderful.

e-Mom said...

Your vacation sounds like heaven... and thanks for the menus. (I think I'll make curry tonight!)