Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy dance

Oh what a glorious day!

My children went off to school this morning. Emmett proudly announced that he had brand new everything on, from his boxer briefs on out. My big little man started first grade, so I had the whole day to myself.

What to do? What to do?

At first, I was almost overwhelmed with the possibilities. But my house is a wreck after a long summer of having the boys home, so I wanted to do some tidying.

I cleaned the kitchen. I scrubbed the rice cooker. I mopped the floor. I shined my sink.

I started cleaning out my office, taking out bag after bag of paper and old bills and magazines and empty boxes. I even decided to pitch our old portable victrolla, which hasn't worked in about 40 years and is falling apart at the seams.

I practiced piano for the first time in weeks.

I sat down and watched half a movie on HBO.

I bought an iced coffee and drove to the school a few minutes early so I could chat with the other moms.

And then, the moment of truth: The boys came out of school all smiles and excitement. As we drove to the office supply store for Noah's back to school list, I chuckled when Noah was very carefully explaining to Emmett how buying lunch works.

"It's a chip system" he said. "Always order choice number one, which is the blue chip, so you don't get too confused."

"Ok" said Emmett.

After Staples, we walked over to the music store to rent a violin. Noah has decided, after two years of piano, that he would like to try another instrument. We ended up deciding to buy one because it was cheaper that way. The lessons are free at school, so the violin itself seemed like a bargain.

And then I took them out to dinner at the Newport Creamery because Nguyen had to work late. All through the meal, through the wrong orders, the ketchup messes and spilled drinks, I just couldn't stop smiling.

Tomorrow? Maybe I'll build some shelves.

Or buy a rug.

Or make a slip cover.

Or take a nap.

Or pray out loud.



Amy said...

What a wonderful transition! Enjoy the new rhythm of your life. I was a bit stunned to find myself amidst kindergarten parents lamenting that the first day of school is a sad day! I was thinking that my boy looked set on the road to independence, and the gasp of freedom from the heavy responsibilities of the youngest child lessening is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your joy!!

Questing Parson said...

This sounds like true bliss

SingingOwl said...

What a nice post. It brought back sweet memories. When it is time for school to start I look over the back-to-school supplies, and I always feel like I should stock up. My little ones are not little anymore, but I vividly remember those first days of school. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day. Iced coffee. Mmmmmm...

Nancy said...

Having all the kids in school does open up a whole new world! Now I'm the one in school with the kids. At least I can send them home! First grade is a most exciting year; hope your little guy enjoys it. (I'm a little biased since that's what I teach.) Have fun Rachel~

e-Mom said...

Dancing with you! Enjoy your peace and quiet. *-)

Have a blessed Labor Day weekend.