Monday, August 07, 2006


I haven't shared this with anyone, but when I started selling high end kitchen tools, I decided that I would tithe 10% of my income from it, in addition to the small monthly payments I had already pledged to Grace church. So, each month, after getting my commission statement, I give 10% of it to Grace. It is a funny number, usually. $78 one month, $84 the next. I never told anyone at the church I was going to do it.

My business is growing.

I like the idea of tithing. It makes sense to me to acknowledge that God is both the creator and recipient of my success. It makes me feel more generous too. In fact, that is one very delightful side effect of this job. I give a LOT of stuff away. I share in my good fortune as part of the day to day job, whether it is giving a hostess a gift for having a successful party or giving my brother a full set of cookware I won and don't need. It is a wonderful thing to be in a position to give.

Also, since I now make enough money at my kitchen tools gig, I can volunteer some of my time as a childbirth teacher. It has freed me up to share my skills without having to charge for it, which opens the door to a whole new population. In two weeks I am going to teach my first, free, childbirth class for unwed moms.

10% tithe.

100% guaranteed delight.


SingingOwl said...

:-D :-D :-D

May I share this post?

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Of course! It is why I finally came out of the closet with it. I realized on morning, as I was writing out my check to Grace Church, that my little business had been a success from the very first day. And that is when the whole tithing thing sunk in.

Plus, I think it is amazing that I get to stay home with my kids even after they are back in school. Maybe God has a hand in that, too.

e-Mom said...

Wise woman!!! How thrilling to be able to volunteer your skills. I love giving myself away for free too.