Thursday, March 09, 2006

sniffle, snort, snot

Why am I so indignant when I get sick? I am a walking sneeze factory.

Colds are curious things. There are a couple of days of serious discomfort: body aches, sore throat, that weird burning feeling at the back of your nose. If I catch it in time I start to load on the Zicam and the Airborne. I drink OJ. I will myself to cut it off at the pass.

But now and then I encounter a virus that is stronger than my willpower and kicks my butt. Luckily, within a day or so, it isn't so much painful as just annoying. And I can live with annoying.

Did Jesus ever get colds? Did he ever have days when he wanted to hang out in his jammies and drink hot tea?

Colds join mosquitos and shit on my list of things to ask God about when I finally meet him in person.


Bad Alice said...

Scorpions. I have some questions for God about scorpions.

Oh, and human suffering, too. :)

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Yeah, and that pesky war thing...