Thursday, March 23, 2006

News from Afghanistan

The Government of Afghanistan is now claiming that the Christian Convert they are bringing to trial is insane, and thus, can't be responsible for his actions.

Clearly, they are trying to figure out a way to get out of this international debacle. They will clean up their mess and make it somehow palatable for their citizens... but it won't address the real issue... which is that a country that forbids religious freedom is, well, terrifying.

I am outraged on so many levels. First, how did it happen that the United States is supporting a regime that continues to operate this way? What happened to our desire to support democracy? Is Shariah law better under a guy we put in power than under the Taliban?

I am outraged at the fact that this story was on the LAST page of the newspaper this morning.

I am outraged that the President of our country was so wishy washy in his response. Why isn't he OUTRAGED? And if he is outraged, why isn't he saying so. Because he is a coward.

I am outraged that we haven't heard every single Christian church in the world call us to prayer. Heck, every RELIGION ought to be outraged by this.

But mostly, I am crushed, that in this day of instant information, we stand idly by while watching a potential martyr being led to his exocution.


We have learned nothing.


Scott said...

From AlterNet:

"Selective Outrage: The Western world loudly opposed the death sentence given to a Christian convert in Afghanistan while ignoring the country's oppression of women."

I think your post does speak to a broader outrage of what's happening in Afghanistan. Now that this crisis has past, are we as a nation paying any more attention to the daily atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq? I don't think so.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

This story certainly points to broader issues: The role of the media, the role of the power brokers, the role we as individuals play. I mean, why aren't the daily atrocities being shown on the evening news?

I can just imagine the public relations nightmare this created in the white house... a government that we were responsible for deciding to murder an apostate. It just looks so darn bad, doesn't it? Do something, Condi....

You are right that we have not been paying attention to the big issues. I guess I can only hope that we will begin to see the bigger picture.

Thanks for commenting!