Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cross Purposes

Here is a meme from St. Casserole. (Someone please explain to me what a meme is! LOL)

Do you wear a cross? yes

Is there a particular time or place that you consider wearing a cross? I always have one on. I have another, larger one that I sometimes where outside of my clothes.

Where do you were it? Depends on the neckline of my shirt. My cross is on a short chain, so I can only wear it outside my clothes if it is a v-neck or a crew neck. I also have a beautiful cross ring that I wear all the time. It is silver with a simple cross-shaped cut out.

What does the cross look like? The neclace is a small silver celtic cross with some swirl patterns. I also wear a gorgeous one that is a simple crossed line with an image of a sun with 12 rays radiating out from behind it. It is hard to explain, but it always catches people by surprise because they don't notice the cross part of it at first.

Who gave the cross to you or did you choose it? I bought my celtic cross for myself after my baptism. I searched the internet for it. The sun one was a gift from a dear friend on my 40th birthday. I have a friend who used to wear the cross ring and I was so crazy about it I searched around until I found one. I joked that we should form a secret society.

Is this your favorite cross, if so, why? The sun one is my favorite, but it is big and a little spikey, so I can only wear it over clothing. The little celtic cross is sweet, but my absolute favorite is my cross ring.

What does wearing a cross mean to you? It was hard for me to wear a cross at first, because I had pretty mixed feelings about being a Jesus Freak. But I felt such gratitude for being rescued that I wanted to do something to remind myself of that. This might sound immodest, but I also wanted to remind people that Christians could be fun, funny, friendly people... not just dour matrons like the Church Lady. It was my own, tiny, PR campaign. (Like God needs that, LOL!)

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