Sunday, March 26, 2006


I am feeling more and more drawn to observing sabbath. Last week, I managed to not cook or clean. I had dinner prepared ahead of time and kept myself from working. I read scripture and meditated. I dedicated the day to God. It felt powerful and renewing.

I know that for me, a big part of observing sabbath is church. I have become a regular church-goer, getting up too early on a Sunday so I can make it to the bible study at 9:00. I have gone sick, injured, hung over. I have dragged my kids against their will. I sing the psalm and take the body and blood of my savior into my body... I give him a home, a sacred space within this human, frail, complex heart.

This week, I don't have dinner made. I will likely cook. And relatives are coming by for the afternoon, so I probably won't get to read my bible until tonight. No lazy nap. No resting in the presence of God. But still, the sacred food will be within me for many hours, a lifetime, eternity.

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