Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's a beautiful day!

Oh, blessed sacrament. I was so happy to take communion this morning after missing it last week. I can see, sometimes, how Catherine of Sienna wanted only the Eucharist for her meals.

The weather was stunning today, too. After church we piled all the bikes in the back of Nguyen's truck and drove to Bristol so we could ride the bike path. It was packed! We rode from Colt State park to the Audubon sanctuary and back again. Stopped for hot dogs at the town beach. Visited my mom in her new apartment. Had a nice dinner at a restaurant in Newport and topped off the evening by borrowing a fishing rod from a complete stranger and catching 4 blue fish off the Goat Island bridge. At sunset. In Newport.

The kids collapsed when we got home. Nguyen cleaned the fish. We are going to try smoking them in the gas grill tomorrow.

Thank you, Beloved, for the many gifts of this day.

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