Monday, June 25, 2007

Friday Five....

On Monday morning!

1. Favorite summer food(s) and beverage(s)

I love ice cream. Since I don't indulge in sugar much, these days, I drive to the nearest Brickley's (a family owned place). They have the best no-sugar added ice cream I have ever had. Maple Walnut.

I also love grilled lamb. Sometimes we shish kabob it. Sometimes just throw a marinated, butterflied leg on to barbeque and sometimes we eat it ground, like burgers, with yogurt and mint. I swear I must have been middle eastern in another life. If I had another life. Which I didn't. Because I don't believe in such things. ;-)

2. Song that "says" summer to you. (Need not be about summer explicitly.)

It's a Beautiful Day, by U2.

3. A childhood summer memory

Summer was bad for me after about the age of 11. I think I suffered terribly, from boredom, loneliness. Heat stroke. In fact, it has taken me YEARS to find any charm in summer at all. Part of it was that I was always chubby, which makes the heat unbearable. Part was that my parents got divorced and I could get away with sitting in front of the TV for months on end because everyone was off at work.

One bright spot: When I was 18 I worked in downtown Newport trying to sell long distance telephone service to tourists. I loved my coworkers and we had a blast. We even talked our way into the Newport Jazz festival with a tank of helium and our MCI uniforms on.

4. An adult summer memory:

I am learning to cherish tiny moments. So for me, sitting on my bench, talking long distance to my dad and looking up to notice a squirrel passed out on the mulberry tree after having over indulged in overripe berries. (Think tanked squirrel).

Or lying in my hammock and gazing at the sky through the branches of the old silver maple.

Or watching thunderheads roll in from the west. Grabbing the kids and sitting on our front porch watching the storm.

5. Describe a wonderful summer day you'd like to have in the near future. (weather, location, activities)

Cool weather. Walking on a deserted beach. At twilight.

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