Thursday, May 17, 2007

Praise to you, Lord Christ

It is Ascension day!

I agreed to go to the Cathedral and sing with the choirs of Grace Church and St. John's for the evening mass. It was sort of funny, actually. My two kids sat in a very tall sided colonial pew where I could only just see the tops of their heads. There was a huge bunch of people singing in the choirs. The Dean of the Cathedral and the Deacon were decked out in their golden finest.

And about 8 people sat in the pews.

But you know what? It ain't about singing for the people in the pews, is it? No. I sang my heart out to my Beloved. Thanking Him. Praising Him. Having a great time, even when I missed a note or closed my eyes in rapture and screwed up the words.

I love the idea of Jesus up there praying for us. Today and every day, He sits at the right hand of the Father and keeps us in his prayers.

Thank you, my Beloved.

You are always in my prayers, too. Prayers of thanks and joy. Praise and gratitude. LOVE.

And speaking of prayers: A special prayer for a friend who has experienced a lot of deaths in the last week. Be gentle with him Lord. He is tender right now.

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