Saturday, May 19, 2007

Family photo op

I opened the Grace Church email newsletter yesterday to find this photo. It's a picture of Bishop Wolf pouring the baptismal waters in preparation for the Pentecost baptisms last year. My kids and I were among those who were baptized. You can see my sponsor, Adrienne, on the left, my sister in law, husband and me on the other side. My brother in law is poking his head out from behind me and the Canon to the Ordinary. Today I asked Fr. Rich if he has a high resolution copy of this image so I can print it up and frame it.

As I was driving home from a wonderful meeting at Grace today, I flashed on this photo and for some bizarre reason, burst into tears.

I think it was gratitude.


Mother Laura said...

Powerful joyous picture! Thanks for sharing, and renewed congratulations. We are so lucky to have your faith and passion in the Body of Christ!

Mary Beth said...

Isn't this GREAT! Woot!