Friday, May 11, 2007

Off to the beach

My parents rented a little cottage at the beach for the weekend and we are heading down this afternoon. My dear husband will meet us (much) later tonight. He is driving to New Hampshire tonight to attend the wake of his former boss, who, with his son, died in a canoing accident last weekend. (Prayers for them and their family are appreciated. David Sr and Jr.)

So I will be incommunicado until Monday, but I pray that I will be full of patience and love this weekend. I ask God to watch over Nguyen as he journeys to say goodbye to his old friend. I pray for good weather.

And today, as always, I am grateful that everything is in the hands of the Beloved.

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swandive said...

Sounds deeee-lightful. When you are back - you've been tagged. Play if you want to. Bless you sister.