Thursday, May 24, 2007


It has been almost a year since my last piano lesson, and I haven't played much at all in the interim. My piano is out of tune. The bench is covered with work papers and the top of the piano has a pencil sharpener where the metronome used to be.

But the other day, I sat down and played the Sinfonia from Handel's Messiah from memory.


Mary Beth said...

This made me yell WOW! right out loud in my office!

I had no idea you could do that.


Rachel's Big Dunk said...

LOL, MB...

I took lessons for a couple of years, starting at age 40. It was great fun. I would love to do it again, actually.

When I started, I specifically gave myself permission to suck, which I did. But it was joyful, too.