Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is that thing?!?!?!?!?! Why, it's a.....

knee cap.


I can actually see that in the middle of my leg there is a boney thing that looks for all the world like a knee. Yay!

I am now, officially, a huge fan of Dr. Jiao. I have had two treatments so far and the swelling is down and I am walking without a cane. The first day I went in, he took one look at the cane and said "No more cane. Cane is for old lady. No more cane!" and sure enough, the very next day I was walking without it.

I had another treatment on Wednesday and today I can see my knee. I even crossed my legs at one point, for the first time in 3 weeks.

But what is best about Dr. Jiao is that he is completely convinced that I have nothing systemic wrong with me. He laughed when I told him about all the tests. He asked me at the first visit if I kneel. I told him that I kneel in church. Here's the funny thing: I like to kneel on the floor at Grace, rather than on the kneelers. The big, hard, floor. So I admitted this to Dr. Jiao and he told me to tell the priest that I am not allowed to kneel anymore. He said that is how I injured myself. It sure seems like a better diagnosis than, say, Lupus.

I cooked dinner this week.

I went to pick up some groceries.

And, I am a new Pampered Chef consultant and had to stop doing my parties for awhile and now am so happy to be able to get back to it. (Kitchen gear is one of my secret loves! How great is a job actually selling the stuff?!)

So, thankyou for your prayers. Thank you, God, for keeping me sane in the midst of this difficulty. And most of all, thanks to my dear dear husband and kids who picked up the slack for 3 long weeks.

A knee.


(Beloved, maybe from now on I'll just have to lay flat out on the floor when I pray!)

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Spider63 said...

Good luck. I appreciate reading your faith and humility.