Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Trying out new looks on the blog. Don't be scared!

I may be changing it in the next few days...

In the mean time, an update:

My knee is doing much better! I am walking around with hardly any limp, even in the snow. I go to the accupuncturist for one more treatment tomorrow. Oh, and I forgot to take my Naproxen today and I did just fine, so I am thinking I'll wean off it and see what happens.

Still reading the psalms. I admit that they are getting some competition from the Olympics. I have been pretty pleased with the coverage this time around and am glued to the set most of the night.

I LOVE the winter Olympics. As a kid, I was totally hooked.

My favorite sport? Speed skating. Yup. I love it. I love to watch those crazy big thighed men and women. I love the arm movements and the way they cross over their legs when going around the turns. I especially love the long races... the 5000 meters... 3000.

A few years ago I got my first pair of inline skates. Although I am not, by any means, an athlete, I would go to the bike path in East Providence and strap on my skates and pretend I was a speed skater, flailing my arms and crossing my legs on the turns. Until I would catch my other skate and trip myself flat on my face.

It was about that time that I started playing hockey with a bunch of guys I worked with. I even convinced my husband to play. We would take over a run down basketball court and bring a bunch of cheap wooden sticks and a bright orange ball. I was the only woman in a crowd of 20-something year old men. I was the oldest, too. But I didn't smoke anymore and didn't drink as much as the boys, so I had pretty good stamina. I sucked at skating, but found it was much easier with a hockey stick in your hand because it offers balance. Checking a 20 year old was kind of sexy. Sweating was fun. It was the first time in my life that I played a sport because it was FUN. And it was. Even the day my beloved husband elbowed me in the mouth and I nearly lost my front teeth. (Mouth guards? Ha! ) Later that week I went out and bought a black plastic mouth guard, deciding that even if I had no other padding, my teeth needed protecting. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant and that was the end of my hockey career.

Now I am waiting for my kids to get old enough to strap on their skates and play with me.

I might even have a mouth guard lying around somewhere....

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Songbird said...

I'm glad to hear about your knee. Continued healing to you.