Thursday, February 02, 2006

Communion and Kosher Franks

Fr. P came bearing gifts today.

He said a collect.

He read me the Gospel for today, which was the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. We confessed together, then he granted absolution. He annointed me and gave me communion. I admit I was a little weepy.

Later, we shared a meal and prayers and marveled at God's work in our lives.

When I lay down for a nap this afternoon, I noticed that for the first time in two weeks, I didn't feel pain in my knee.

God rocks, doesn't he?

Thanks for all your prayers.

I get the blood drawn tomorrow for the Lyme and Rheumatoid arthritis tests and it'll be a week before I get the results, but I am feeling at peace with things. I feel pretty sure I don't have either.

I have decided to see an accupuncturist, though... so I meet with him after my regular medical doctor tomorrow.

I'll be on pins and needles, LOL!

Edited to add: Lupus is on the table too. My internist was hesitant to even have me tested for it because it gets a lot of false 'maybes' as a result, but I convinced him that I wouldn't hit the panic button, so he went ahead and ordered the test.

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mary beth said...

You're in my prayers!

mary beth