Friday, December 30, 2005

Thin skinned

I have noticed that I am very thin skinned lately. I am taking things way too personally. I am getting all freaked out if someone gets mad at me about something. (A semi-regular occurance!)

Over Christmas, of course, I was feeling particularly sensitive. I was feeling bad about pretty much everything. And there were people in my family who really were mad at me for various reasons. But, where I would normally just let it go... I found myself obsessing about it. My pride, my ego, my feelings, were hurt.


Is it my sinful nature that causes me to react this way? Give me the grace and compassion to forgive those who hurt me. Give me the strength and peace to be calm in the face of anger. Remind me, Lord, that sometimes I am bound to screw up. Remind me, Lord, that you love me anyway.



Mary Beth said...

Hang in there! When I am in that place, it helps me to remember that it will look different the next day. Usually better. :)

see-through faith said...

prayers ascending. God be with you in this struggle.

SingingOwl said...

I just prayed for you too...been there myself way too often. And I just read your Chrismas Metaphor post. Wonderful...may you be blessed this new year and strengthened for the journey.