Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gimmel front and center

After writing the post below, I decided to pull a letter for myself and ask God to comment on all the Advent unrest I have been feeling. Is it any surprise that it was Gimmel?

Gimmel, in tarot, is associated with the High Priestess. She is a card of inner wisdom. On modern decks, she is often depicted sitting in front of a screen covered with pomegranates, holding a half hidden Torah in her lap. She knows the law because she has internalized it. It has become an inner truth.

In Hebrew, evidently, the word Gimmel has the same root as gammal (camel) so is often associated with camels. My little guide to the Hebrew letters suggests that I am a camel, traveling the desert, looking for an oasis. Forgetting, all the while, that the nourishment I seek is already within me. I have the strength to get across this desert. I don't need to look outside myself right now. Because God is with me, even in the emptyness of the desert.


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Songbird said...

That's very helpful, Rachel. I recently drew a card, as I wrangle with some discernment, and it was the High Priestess.