Friday, September 19, 2008


It is true.

I think during the transplant, there must have been a point when my friend Carl was technically dead. And now, today, sitting in his room overlooking the skyline of Boston, he was very much alive.

I held myself together pretty well for the most part. All smiles and encouragement.

And then at one point I looked up at the heart monitor and saw the beautiful pattern of a healthy heart and all pretense of pulled-togetherness evaporated and I started sobbing.

Because the last time I saw a monitor connected to my friend, there was barely any pattern or beat at all, just a pitiful series of little blips that wandered aimlessly across the screen.

Not today. Today the spikes were standing at attention as they marched along in regular formation. Today, those beats are strong and powerful and, well, healthy.

Lord God, great healer, thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! Carl and his friends and family will be in my prayers this week. God is good!

Rachel Nguyen said...


God is VERY Very good.

Thank you for your prayers!