Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Years

Yesterday, September 10th, marked the 5th anniversary of my baptism.

I wanted to drive out to the pond in which it took place and spend some time reflecting peacefully on all that has taken place since then.

But I was working all day at CareNet and then had a Pampered Chef show last night... so I was effectively on the run from 9 am until 10pm. Today I woke up with a cold.

For all this time I have referred to myself as a new Christian. I wonder if I will ever start to feel more 'seasoned' at this? Maybe my descriptor is slightly off. I am not a new Christian, I am a struggling Christian. A learning Christian. Sometimes a part time Christian. (That is usually when I am driving, sigh.) An imperfect Christian. Perhaps I will change the way I think of myself to simply 'Christian' because one never really becomes an expert at this, do they?

Last night when I mentioned that it was my anniversary, Nguyen was taken aback.

"Why do you make a big deal out of the date?" He asked.

"Why do you ask that?" I replied.

"Well, haven't you always had the heart of a Christian?"

I admit I was floored by that. Because the answer is yes and no. Yes, Christ has always been with me... but no, I didn't always acknowledge or honor that. September 10, 2003 is the day I finally opened the door and invited him in. And to me, that is a clear a demarcation in my life. It was the day I opened the door to joy.

In case you missed it, here is the story of my baptism.


Shift Worker said...

Well Happy Anniversary of sorts then! Isn't that Eastern mind an amazing thing? And Nguyen makes a point I have found to be somewhat true for me...the tug of Christ has resounded unconsciously in me for years, although I have counted my response as somewhat recent. I have been mentally rewriting history though- wasn't my response actually when I began the search? I read the Bible for years before I would say I converted, what was God thinking? Hmm...I'll put that on my list to ask at a later date!

Blessings to you my sister!

Shawna said...

Well, yes, you have always had the heart of a Christian... but, the day you say "yes" to Him is a mighty fine day, indeed.

I remember my anniversary vividly, too, except I'm vague on the year... I'm pretty sure it was 12 years ago, but it maight have been 13. But I'm pretty sure it was 12....

But it was March 25. I remember it vividly, because I chose to enter the Episcopal church soon after I said "Yes." And I looked up the day, and discovered it was the Annunciation. Oh, glorious news! Yes, that fit.

And also the feast day of St. Dysmas, the dying thief on the cross. Yeah, I had to admit that "dying thief" fit mighty well, too.

The Annunciation and the dying thief... there's a resonance to set the universe to vibrating.

Congratulations on your anniversary! A fine and glorious day to remember and cherish.

Singing Owl said...

A wonderful anniversary!

No, I dont' think one ever becomes an "expert"--and I have been working at it for nearly 54 years! And if we think we are, it might be time to go back to spiritual kindergarten. (((Rachel)))