Wednesday, September 24, 2008

40 Days for Life

Today, a 40 day vigil of fasting and prayer takes place across the United States to end abortion. Last night I went to the local kick off at La Salette Shrine in Attleboro. I admit, I was uncomfortable. I am really not the placard carrying, slogan shouting type anymore. But when I found out about the vigil, sponsored by the Roman Catholic church, I felt moved to get involved.

As I stood in the church narthex, feeling out of place, I looked up and saw a friend from when I worked for AT&T back in the 1980s. She was a former nun, and even then, before I was anywhere near being a Christian, I was drawn to her simple peacefulness. I have thought of her many times since then, especially as I progressed on my own Christian path.

I walked over to her with a big smile and we chatted for several minutes. She told me what she is doing these days and I shared briefly about my conversion and told her what an impact she had had on me. She smiled and said that she thought that when people have a strong prayer life, they sort of radiate God's peace. I would have to say that that is true, especially of the nuns I have met in my life.

Prayer has power. This I believe. God wants to engage with us in that way. He wants us to speak to him from the quiet of our hearts. From the darkness of our rooms. From the noisy sidewalk in broad daylight.

I'll be there, Lord. I'll be praying.

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