Sunday, September 07, 2008

I 'HEART' Carl

It's a miracle, folks.

My friend Carl got his heart today. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.

Carl has been on the transplant list for almost a year. For the last 6 weeks he has been in a hospital room in Boston, attached to a wall by a catheter that goes through his neck and into his heart. It has been, I feel safe to say, hell.

What is remarkable is that he managed to keep his spirits up all this time. He has been an constant source of inspiration to me over the last 6 years.

So, today, I left for church early. I turned my cell phone off as I always do. As I was walking in the door, I realized that my husband was running up behind me. He drove all the way to Providence to tell me that Carl's sister had called and that a heart had become available last night and Carl was in surgery getting his transplant. (Bless Nguyen for knowing I would want to know right away.)

I was filled with such a mixture of feelings: relief, hope, joy, fear, sadness for the donor and his or her family. What an overwhelming moment.

Late this afternoon I got an update that his new heart is beating and he made it through surgery successfully. Now it is on to the long road to recovery.

Father, you have answered so many prayers in the last few weeks. So many prayers.

Thank you.

I pray for Carl's complete and speedy recovery. I pray for his family, that they may have the strength and courage to support him in. I pray that Carl continue to come to know and trust your presence in his life and take solace and comfort from that when things get difficult.

Father, Healer, Lover, I pray that you guide me and Carl's friends and family to know the best way to be of service.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. Amen.


jo(e) said...

What wonderful news.

Shift Worker said...

Wow! I know this has weighed heavily on you. I will join in the prayers that all goes smoothly from here.

Rachel Nguyen said...

Thanks you guys. I got word today that he is breathing on his own and doing really well. I am so very pleased and relieved.