Friday, September 12, 2008


God is in the places we intersect with one another. He is in those moments of uncanny connection.

Today I found out that as my friend Carl was receiving his new heart, my friend Amy had a friend who was going into the hospital needing... a new heart.

When she told me this, I could do nothing else but cry. And it wasn't exactly for sadness for her friend, though it was partly that. I cried because the Holy Spirit saw fit to connect Carl with her friend, through us.

And there were other things related to transplants and organ donations that came up in conversation which hinted, broadly I think, at the behind the scenes work that God is doing these days. In other words, today we caught a glimpse of the Holy Spirit and it pretty much brought us to our knees.

God is in the intersections. He is in the places where our lives overlap with one another.

Today I thank God for my friend Amy and all the other friends with whom I intersect.


Ming said...

I think that coincidences are "God tucking a note in with our lunch".

BTW-My atrial fibrillation was gone last week. It may come back the cardiologist says, but for those three days at least, it was gone.

I may have been wrong about the efficacy of anointing, hmmm....

Rachel Nguyen said...


I am so happy to hear that your heart is back on track! I will pray that it continues behaving.

I love your comment about God sending us notes in our lunches. That reminds me that I want to do that for the boys tomorrow.

About annointing: I am a believer. When I was suffering from the 'weird knee syndrome' a couple of years ago, a very dear friend annointed me and gave me communion. That night I was able to sleep without drugs for the first time in weeks.