Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Five: Advent

We are talkin' Advent at RevGalBlogPals this week... so here we go!

1) Do you observe Advent in your church?
Yes, we are doing Advent Lessons and Carols this Sunday evening... and have a HUGE Advent wreath that sits down center all throughout December. Tomorrow we are all meeting at a farm in the area to collect balsam greens to adorn the church with. This will be our first time participating in that.

2) How about at home?
I have been doing the Advent wreath for three years now. The first year, it was just 4 candles grouped in the center of the dining room table. This year, I bought one of those 'brasslike' candle holder doohickies that goes with a wreath. And an official set of candles from the Religious Supplies place. (My new favorite store, by the way...)

I also do bible readings at the dinner table, which usually just confuses the kids. But that in itself can be funny.

3) Do you have a favorite Advent text or hymn?
I love O Come O Come Emmanuel. Last year I tried to learn to play it on the piano in time for Christmas, but was using a 1930s hymnal and it was really hard, LOL. I am also a big fan of 'In the Bleak Midwinter'. Which of course makes no sense at all because I don't think there is usually snow in the Middle East, but heck, I am a sap for these things.

4) Why is one of the candles in the Advent wreath pink? (You may tell the truth, but I'll like your answer better if it's funny.)
Actually, they were all pink until Tinky Winky got hold of them....

5) What's the funniest/kitschiest Advent calendar you've ever seen?
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available here in the US... but Lego makes an Advent Calendar. Who knew?


Tripp Hudgins said...

Legos! A friend has one. I did not know that you could not get them here in the US. I gave the same answer to the final question.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Great minds clearly think alike, Trip!

I have been looking on the Lego site and it says "Not available in your country".

Argh. As my kids are Lego fanatics (see post below) I am bitterly disappointed. Maybe it is time to surf ebay and see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Rachel- my hubby managed to call Lego and get one of these sent! Today was Day 1 and we were met with a great deal of dismay that it wasn't a whole set every day. LOL

We're doing the candlelighting thing this Sunday at church, and I'm rather excited because the text is different than I've seen before and just beautiful (um, not that it wasn't lovely's just that this particular text speaks to me quite loudly.)

Two weeks from now ends my first sememster. I can hardly believe it has gone so fast, and worse that I have to accomplish a 20 page paper for a very demanding (in a good way) professor. I had my first paper returned from his class yesterday and the remark was something like this, "I can see you tried so very, very hard. This is a very good paper for a first semester student. Your wording was very nice." He went on to explain that he spent a considerable amount of time giving me written feedback, and that if I follow it I will be much improved for the next paper. LOL And it sounds silly, but I am thrilled- not because of the grade- but because he knows: I tried so very, very hard. That is something I want to be remembered for.

Happy Advent!

Molly said...
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Songbird said...

Heehee on TinkyWinky!

Sally said...

... ahh yes confusing the kids... good move!

Father P+ said...

"O Come O Come Emmanuel" and "Bleak Midwinter"-- My exact two favorites also!
Advent Calendar? I was beginning to compose a Sermon about "waiting" and "lacking" as cognitive and contemplative foci for Advent, while I was absent-mindedly strolling through T. J. Maxx. I found a 'numbered chocolate bar for each day of Advent' calendar there and at first thought it was a GREAT idea.
Then I thought again and sloooowwwlly put it down.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Ha! I feel a distinct lack of chocolate right about now.

What? I have to wait?!?!?!?

Good concept though, a chocolate Advent calendar....

Amy, I am going to try and call Lego and see if they have a few left. Maybe I can play the 'New Christian' card with them and see if they will dig one out of storage. In the mean time, the kids found their little tiny Jesse Trees from last year, complete with all their cute homemade ornaments. We have the ultimate charlie brown tree this year, so tiny that anything other than a felt ornament would drag the branches down.

Chocolate calendars, tiny trees and Legos. And a little Grace thrown in for good measure. So far so wonderful.

Monk-in-Training said...

what a great Advent Meme, mind if i post it on my blog?

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Consider yourself tagged, MIT!!!

May this be a wonderful Advent for you all.

ukok said...

Rachel, my favourite Advent Hymn of the moment is O Come, O Come Emmnauel!

I suppose it's not that surprising, it is very beautiful.

Blessed Advent to you and yours

Anonymous said...

Happy Advent to you and your family, Rachel!

My time does fly by, doesn't it?

Adam said...

I WANT that lego advent calendar! LOL!