Thursday, November 30, 2006

I was like a deer in the headlights

Standing in the Lego aisle at Toys R Us, trying to figure out if it is actually reasonable to spend $100 on a Lego set.

And then there were the stuffed rabbits. Do I buy one for each of them?

What about bikes? Emmett has grown out of his. For the same $100, I could buy two new bikes for the boys.

It is all insanity.

I got overwhelmed, so I grabbed a couple of small Lego Bionicle figures and headed for the checkout.

How do people manage this Christmas shopping thing?


Kel said...

Well, for tons of Lego we used to hit every charity store--ARC, GOODWILL etc and get tons of Lego as opposed to the kits they sell now. Throw them in a mesh laundry bag, run through dishwasher or dunk in a bucket with soap and a touch of bleach and voila-- Pick up some new figures to go with them and let their imagination run wild.

Same stores with bikes, but we didn't have as good a luck with that. Pawn shops are good for them though. I left dear husband with that chore. The kids could pick out 3 "important" things.( they did get other things) If they chose a really expensive thing--(I'm so glad we don't have to face requests for Xbox type stuff) they understood that that may be the only gift. One of ours was fine with one gift, the others went for quantity every time :-)

I hope that doesn't make us sound like the cheapest parents in the world. We were kind of broke when the kids were young-- they haven't availed themselves of therapy, still go to church, and file their taxes so maybe our frugality didn't harm them for life...

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Hey Kel,

A belated response to your very good suggestions! A few recycled Legos will help fill out the stockings nicely. Plus, the family all pitched in to get the kids one big gift: a trampoline with a safety net. (We are hoping to minimize the physical damage potential, lol)

So mostly we are getting little fill in gifts at this point.

Merry Christmas!