Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It sneaks up on you

Early Advent is such a bleak, empty, place. Even with a confession and a wreath on the table, church activities and general cheer and goodwill, there is a distinct sense of darkness in the time before the light.

For me, it seems that Rose Sunday is the turning point. I begin to hear the lyrics of the Messiah differently. I begin to understand the daily psalms more clearly. I find connections in the books I read and the sermons I hear. Where before was blank, now my soul is beginning to feel filled with love.


Rhiannon said...

Rose Sunday? Like in Lent? That's strange to me. So there is no joy in mudville, I mean, advent/Christmas/epiphany, for you?

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Oops! I meant Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday, with the rose colored candle! It was last week!

Yikes. No fun until Lent would be a sad state of affairs indeed.

Judith said...

I agree! The Advent gloom has begun to lift, finally. We had Lessons and Carols on Sunday night, and I have felt filled with hope since hearing anew the faith storties of New Testament and Old, and singing the beloved hymns!

e-Mom said...

I felt the darkness too. I think there's a profound lesson in the way God has set up the seasons, and winter. There is death all around us in a very real way. That's why I long for the light and beauty of springtime--and I hope for the resurrection of all believers at the end of time. Perhaps you do too.

Merry Christmas Rachel! This Christmas, may His presence be the best present of all.