Monday, October 02, 2006


Look at the icon on the upper right hand corner. It is an image of Jesus getting baptised.

Over at the Sacred Art of Living, Christine has been talking about using images for a sort of Visio Divina prayer and I love the idea. Gaze at the image and let God use it to speak to you.

What do you see? Do you notice that there is a whirlpool at our Lord's feet? Or the angels watching from the other side of the river. I notice that John the Baptist is looking at the Holy Spirit even as he is baptising Jesus. He can see the Spirit of God descending to the Beloved. He lifts his right hand up and his left hand points to earth. Jesus, the great bridge of heaven and earth stands before him. John knows who this is.

And the colors. This is clearly a modern interpretation of a classic Icon. I love that the angels wear red and violet and bright blue.

Now, look at an older version of the same scene:

Jesus is already heading off in this one... his feet look like he is walking towards the riverbank. And the angels are whispering to each other. They are amazed, perhaps, by what they are seeing.


The sky splits apart and makes way
for your spirit.

Angels whisper.

Jesus walks the earth.

Thank you.


Kel said...

Oct. 1-- I envy Theo! My dogs can't go to the blessing because the LOVE the pastor. She's the only person they are guaranteed to jump up on. They must be blest privately or be safe in the knowledge that they have no sin in them :-)

Oct. 2--- My reality addiction is so bad I *cannot* put it in print. Suffice it to say it was on last night at 7 MST and did not include a bachelor. My shame is greater

And finally. I love you for this icon post. I had studied the icon since my first vist. Then as I looked at the older one imbedded in the post it was just like reading a CT post, but about God-- nice when worlds collide for good

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

LOL, Kel,

Now I am curious and will have to try and discover just what reality show you are talking about.

And yes, digging into an icon does remind me of CT. I suppose I cut my teeth on exploring other images.

When worlds collide indeed.

Sacred Center said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks for the link. What lovely images and a great invitation to look closely. Blessings, Christine