Monday, October 02, 2006

Embarassing but true

I watch cheesy reality shows.

It's true.

It started with Survivor. Yes, it was mortifying that the naked fat gay man was from my hometown, but like strangers on a freeway glued to an accident, I couldn't look away.

Now I am hooked on all manner of frivolous reality shows. I watch Top Models and pseudo therapy on Starting Over, I was glued to Rock Star INXS and American Idol. But the absolute cheesiest, most embarassing of all is that I actually watch (I am appalled to even write it)

The Bachelor.

Which premiered tonight. And I sat mesmerized for 2 whole hours, with commercials.

And for a fleeting moment imagined myself as young enough (and thin enough, LOL) to be on such a show. And what would I say in my three uninterupted minutes with the dashing young man to help him understand who I am at the deepest level. What is my truest truth?

It's that I am a Jesus freak.

Which means, of course,

That I would NOT be getting

a rose.

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