Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Friday Five... on Saturday

1. What's the high temperature today where you are?

Low 90's with about 100% humidity and a dew point higher than my IQ. Actually, today is better than yesterday, which ended in torrential downpours and crazed lightening storms and left us with even more humidity.

2. Favorite way(s) to beat the heat.

Swimming. Ice cream. Air conditioning. And a fun book about the tropics. Right now I am reading 'Sex Lives of Cannibals' by J. Maarten Troost. It is GREAT heatwave reading because it reminds me that no matter how hot it may be here, it is still a far sight cooler than, say, the equator. And we don't have people shitting on the beach on a regular basis.

3. "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." Evaluate this statement.

My zits would all concur.

4. Discuss one or more of the following: sauna, hot tub, sweat lodge, warm-stone massage.


5. Hottest you've ever been in your life:

On my 30th birthday, I looked fabulous! A red headed babe with a tequila in one hand and a lime in the other.

Other hot experience:

We lived in Kansas City for a summer, in a house without air conditioning. It was the hottest and most depressing time of my life. No ocean. No breeze. No relief. By the end of July the house was sold and we were hightailing it back to New England.

Non-temperature related bonus: In your opinion... who's hot?

John of the Cross

And Dave Matthews.

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