Friday, June 09, 2006

A real, live, RevGal!

I suppose it was bound to happen. I was at a kitchen tools gig tonight and started chatting with a guest and suddenly we realized that we both hang out with the RevGals. (Waving at Amy!) It was SO cool!

And, we seem to have other stuff in common, too. Namely that we have invited God to boss us around and he is taking us up on the offer. In spades.

Maybe I'll get her a "Does this pulpit make my butt look big?" T-shirt for when she goes to seminary in the fall.

I am telling you, I had no idea that God would be a regular at my shows. But he just keeps showing up. You think he has a thing for artichoke pizzas and molten skillet brownies? LOL!


RuthRE said...

Sounds like quite the scene in RI....I should come visit heh :)

Where is Amy going to seminary?

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Yuh! You should definately come visit! We could do a "an Episcopalian, a Lutheran and a UCC were in a bar...."

She is going to Andover Newton.

Cool, huh?