Friday, June 02, 2006

friday five: summer blockbuster edition

This week's questions are inspired by the various summer films currently in the theaters or soon to be released. Here's your large popcorn and blue raspberry Icee--would you like Raisinets or Goobers with that? Silence those cell phones please, the show's about to start:

1. If you were a mutant, what ability would you like to have? (think superpower)


2. Tell us about a memorable road trip you've experienced.

Driving from Rhode Island to Georgian Bay in Canada with my husband, my brother and his two dogs. In our Volkswagen Vanagon. While pregnant. The highlight was the 3 am breakfast at Lloyd's of Lowville.

3. Do you enjoy solving riddles and working on puzzles? If so, what kinds?

I had a brief romance with Sudoku puzzles last summer. Otherwise, nah.

4. Take two of your phobias and combine them to make a campy horror/disaster flick. What would it be called?

ArachniClaustrophobiacs from Mars.

5. Just how batsh*t crazy is Tom Cruise, anyway?

I will just say this: I am grateful he ain't an Anglican.
He certainly isn't doing any good as a front man for Scientology.

Bonus: Name each of the five movies that inspired these questions.

Movies? What are movies? I haven't seen one in years! LOL

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