Friday, June 09, 2006


Today's Friday Five asks five questions about rain, all intended to help us look on the bright side of life. Let a smile be your umbrella!!

1. Favorite way to spend a rainy day- Curled up on the sofa with all the windows open, reading a good book. I still remember when I lived in Kansas City, reading Paul Theroux's "My Secret History" in the pouring rain. We had a whole wall of french doors, all of which were wide open.

2. Favorite song about rain- Here Comes the Rain Again- Eurythmics.

3. Favorite movie featuring rain- Throne of Blood

4. Favorite piece of raingear, past or present- I want a pair of frog wellingtons! I currently don't own a single piece of raingear.

5. Favorite word for rain-

One night, when Nguyen and I were still a new couple, we were squished together in my single bed at my parent's house. The bed was jammed up against a window, which was open. Nguyen, being the gentleman that he is, offered to sleep on the inside. In the middle of the night, it began, ever so gently, to rain. Since his face was right by the window, he was getting rained on. I woke to him saying "mua" in his sleep. (The Vietnamese word for rain".) It is my favorite word for it now.


Songbird said...

What a lovely story about your favorite word!
I'll be hearing the Eurhythmics all day now...

Emily said...

Oh, I picked that song, too, before I even read your blog post.

Maybe we Oklahoma City types will get to curl up with a book one of these days in the rain. . .sigh

hipastorzwife2B said...

That's a lovely story.