Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sarah Palin is entertaining

OK, Guilty pleasure:

I am having a great time surfing youtube for the latest Palin/Tina Fey tag team videos. CNN actually has one that shows them each responding to the bailout question using the exact same words. It is so funny.

I watched the VP debate the other night, half expecting her to crash and burn after all the gaffs over the last week, but nope... she was articulate and pulled together, even if she didn't actually answer any of the questions put to her.

People far smarter than me are doing much more incisive analysis, but as for me, I am finding the clips on youtube to be a great diversion from the real issues going on out there.

I wish I could like her, God bless her. She's so down-homey and Christian and pro-life and all. And really, she did great at the convention. But gosh darn it, I just can't see her as potential president material.

Can you?


Shift Worker said...

She sure is entertaining! I think she's the snarkiest politician I've ever seen, and part of me loves that - can't you see the two of us drinking coffee over wildly sarcastic jokes?! (Politics aside, or it would be a rather unpleasant conversation!)

Unfortunately, this attitude doesn't translate well literally - it's an international issue. And many people find this sense of humor of putting, not something helpful in sensitive conversations, as you would expect world leaders probably have frequently.

The biggest problem I've seen is that when she says something and is called on it as foolish (for example, called out on age jokes about Biden when her running mate is the oldest ever.) She doesn't admit she was being funny, and she doesn't laugh at herself - she backtracks and blows smoke to cover it. I want to scream - be a Christian and ask for forgiveness! Admit your mistakes!! But I'm also glad she doesn't, so she remains her own worst enemy (did I mention I don't agree with her politics?)

John Michael Keba said...

What is truly frustrating is that when it was Obama and Hillary going at it, Obama's inexperience was to the fore. A two term Senator with a record for avoiding a committed position, save, of course, his extreme anti-life position. That is black and white, and he lies about it. And he is going to be President, not Vice.

You are praying in front of abortion clinics, Rachel. Are you really going to vote for the man who will make that illegal?

Rachel Nguyen said...

You know, John, I really don't know. I have been struggling with this for months... trying to figure out what to do in the voting booth. I have never in my adult life struggled so much with an election as I am with this one.

I'll keep ya'll posted. Or not, LOL.

Judith said...

No, doggone it! I don't want her anywhere near the failsafe code!

Fer sure!