Wednesday, August 15, 2007


They are big now.

Noah, who is going into 5th grade, has been riding his bike to his friend's house this summer. And Emmett, who is turning 7 this month, has been tagging along.

As I watch them ride down the street on their bikes, I feel a little wistful, knowing that this is going way too fast. So fast.

And here I am, with a quiet moment in the middle of summer. What luxury!

Drum, books, phone, beckon.



All of the above.


Anonymous said...

You will be pleased to know your boys passed by my hubby and I walking the dog and they were behaving marvelously. Helmets on (although the other kids didn't all), riding on the side of the road, and even a cheerful hello from Noah!

Good job there Mom!


jo(e) said...

Next thing you know, they will be packing to go off to college. It goes by fast!

Paul said...


I used to play myself.

So what's the difference between a paradiddle and a flam? This is a test...

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Ha! I haven't gotten to a paradiddle yet, although it sounds vaguely naughty. But we've been doing the flams for a couple of weeks now.

Single beat by two hands in quick succession. Or something like that, LOL.

This could be in the "I'll know it when I hear it" department.

Laura said...

Rachel, it DOES go by fast. My GRANDDAUGHTER just had her 5th birthday. Only Son turns 28 on Aug 30th. Hug those boys as you let them go.