Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week Three

Here's my check in for the week.

1. Have I done my daily spiritual practice?

Yes. I am still praying twice daily. I have been doing Compline with the kids each night. (When I am home.)

2. What unexpected opportunities has God put in my path since I last checked in?

I had lunch with two friends this week, both of whom have been having a tough time lately. It was wonderful to connect with them.

3. Of the things I committed to doing, which have I done or not done since the last check in?

I did what I hoped to do.

4. What am I being called to do between now and the next time I check in?

This week I am being called to speak plainly about the gifts that God has given me. I am going to work on that.

Finally, I am very excited because my church has offered a full time, permanent position to Fr. Rich who had temporarily come over with the merger last Pentecost. I believe that the Holy Spirit was in the midst of this process and am grateful that we got out of His way.

Thanks, God.

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