Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mountains and valleys

My former UU minister, Steve, once told me a story about his friend. He went to the top of a mountain in the Himalayas and had a life-changing spiritual experience. His head and heart opened up and he recognized, for the first time, the one-ness of all creation.

As he was descending the mountain, a beggar came up and started asking for money. Steve's friend, in a fit of anger, pushed him away.

I laughed when I heard that story because it is so true. Often our mountain top experiences end with a thump.

And so it was with Easter. I willingly dove into the abyss of the Triduum, scaled the heights of Easter and then landed with a bump on the ass yesterday. It was as close to actual depression as I have come in years. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, I was ready to shove the first person that happened to cross my path.

A friend recommended reading Job and Ecclesiastes. I read the passion in John instead. And it helped, by God. It did.


Singing Owl said...


Me too. Much sleep, and reading Matthew, helped.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

I'm jealous of the sleep part, Singing Owl. I have been an insomniac of late. During Holy Week I think it was God who kept poking at me all night. But the last couple of nights have been from fretting and worrying. I just have to remember to say prayers all night instead.

Thanks for the hug! Right back at ya!

(((((((Singing Owl))))))))

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, such honesty! I love it :-)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya,
Pray for a soft landing!


Matt Stone said...

I'd be interested in hearing more of your journey from UU to Christianity. Some years ago I shifted from New Age into Christianity and so you've prodded my curiosity. I blog from http://mattstone.blogs.com by the way.

Matt Stone

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Hi Matt,

I was pretty deeply embroiled in the New Age, too. In fact, for most of my adult life, I was an unchurched UU. I started attending a little local UU church in Providence about 6 years ago.

I touch on the journey towards Christ in this post:

I should mention, I think, that I no longer read tarot cards. I talk about that in later posts somewhere, but can't find it!

Thanks for the link to your site. I'll be sure to stop by and take a peak!

And welcome to the Big Dunk!


Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Oops. The link didn't work. Let's try it again!

Here's the link