Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week two

I miss my blog, LOL!

Here goes for week two:

1. Have I done my daily spiritual practice?

Yes. I bought a pillow at Marshalls last week to kneel on, and keep it on my bed, so it reminds me in the morning and in the evening to get down on the floor. It has helped a lot.

2. What unexpected opportunities has God put in my path since I last checked in?

This week the kids were on vacation and I took them to the movies with one of Noah's friends. Just spending time hanging out with them was good.

3. Of the things I committed to doing, which have I done or not done since the last check in?

I did what I hoped to do... spent time with the kids, prayed, read a book. It was a nice week.

4. What am I being called to do between now and the next time I check in?

Obedience seems to be an ongoing theme for me this week. I am called to look for ways to be obedient to God's will, especially as it concerns my daily practice.


Paul said...

It was interesting to me to find that after integrating practice into my day to day life for a few years, it felt more and more simple. Less like obedience than doing what I really felt like doing! It became basically effortless. Maybe it becomes a kind of immediate or joyful obedience or possibly obedience stops being quite the right word.

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Thank you for that, Paul!

I think, having been a slave to my own will for so long, obedience is, indeed, a joyful thing. I never knew just how amazing it is to let go of myself.

I pray that like yours, my daily practice becomes simply a part of the day.