Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wedding Ring Wrangle

While planning to rededicate our marriage, my priest mentioned that he would bless our wedding rings.  I felt a moment of anxiety.  I haven't worn my wedding ring for at least a couple of years, because I am a drummer and I was worried that constantly taking it off to play would make it more likely that I would lose it.

So I went home and started looking for my ring.

Which I couldn't find.

I ransacked my jewelry box, my bureau, all the likely spots where I would have stashed it.  I looked for days.

Finally, I decided that I would need to get a new one.  Nguyen and I went to a Cambodian jewelry store near the Asian market and I picked out a very plain gold band.  Looked fine, felt fine.

Of course, a couple of weeks later, I found my original ring.  But since it was a little less comfortable, I decided to keep wearing the new one.

But then I lost it.  I took it off for drum class and hooked it on my drum.  And forgot to put it back on, so the ring goes missing.  I searched my car, drum bag, the studio where we play, everywhere.  Nowhere to be found.

So, out comes my original ring.  It is a sweet ring... channel set sapphires in a simple gold band.  It fits snugly enough that I can wear it while playing with drum sticks, so I don't even have to take it off for class.

Yesterday, I was playing drums at McAuley House.  My stick bag fell off the chair and dumped my sticks on the floor.  As I was picking it up, I heard a little tinkle sound.  And sure enough, there, on the floor, was my plain gold wedding band.

I decided to put it on my RIGHT hand... so now I have two.

Which in a funny way, seems appropriate.  Nguyen and I were married almost 25 years ago, but it wasn't a Christian wedding.  A month ago, we rededicated our marriage in the Church and in a way, it is like part two of our original wedding.  Two parts of the same, wonderful, event.

So for today I am wearing both rings to remind me of the double blessing of our marriage.

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