Sunday, November 03, 2013

It's not that bad

At first it was like somebody shoving a knife into my heart. I felt sick in my stomach. I felt anger and pain, sorrow, sadness and rejection. Someone finally withdrew their support from my organization because they believe that the Catholic Church teaches heresy.  Does that make me a heretic, I wonder?  Ah well.  No matter.  While the enemy is having a field day watching christians splinter into ever tinier fragments, I am going to focus on the work at hand. I went to Mass with my beloved husband and let the prayers of the ancient church wash over me.  I am going to try and stop taking it personally and try to accept rejection with grace, letting it unite me closer to my sweet Jesus in his suffering.  Him whom the pharisees rejected is the cornerstone of my life.  I pray for unity, forgiveness and compassion.

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