Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Yesterday I hit another car with my car.

I was pulling into an intersection when someone cut me off. Then the light changed to red. Since my nose was in the intersection, I decided to back up a little and wait for the green light.

I checked my side mirror and there was no car, so I began to back up.



Followed by


There was a car behind me after all. I pulled forward a bit, put the car in park and jumped out to assess the damage.

The guy rolled down his window.

"I am so sorry" I said. "I didn't notice you behind me."

"No problem" He replied.

I reassured him there was no damage and he didn't even bother to check it himself. He just kept repeating that it was no problem.

Thanks, dude. That was some good car mojo there. I hope God blesses you for your kindness. And I hope I get my head out of the clouds and onto the road.


Shift Worker said...

Oh, those little moments of grace are precious!

Now be safe!

Rachel Nguyen said...

Yeah, I wanted to run over and kiss the guy for being so nice about it.

But that might have been weird, LOL.