Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nova Scotia Rocks

We got back from the Northumberland Strait today and I can't tell you what a lovely week we had. My parents rented a little cottage on the water and we had a whole week of great views, lovely walks, beach time, homemade wine and delicious food, and NAPS! Oh the naps were heavenly.

There were 6 of us in a tiny two bedroom cottage, with lots of rain, and still we managed to not kill each other.

Nova Scotia is a fantastic place. The people are quiet, and even a little reserved, but very very kind.

Re-entry was a bummer when we had to stop in Bangor ME for the night last night and ate horrible Chinese food and slept in an Econolodge with a view of a parking lot. There was a bit of redemption today, though, when we stopped in Dorchester, MA for some real Vietnamese noodles and I got to shock the crap out of the check out lady when I spoke Vietnamese to her. HA!

PS: In a rest stop on the highway, a guy from Massachusetts parked his Lexus right by the entry doors and purposely took up TWO parking spaces so his precious car wouldn't get dinged. Why not park on the far side of lot, buddy? Then no one will ding the car.

Don't you just want to key those guys' cars when they do that? Not very Christian of me, harrumph.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Re-entry is the worst part of travel, when you are shocked to return to what you've learned is "normal." I'm so glad to hear you had fun despite the rain!

I love those cars in the parking lot...usually I pull up right next to them, as if I myself can't see the lines. Imagine their faces as they see my rusty Camry full of kids...LOL. One of the many reasons there isn't a little fish on the back of my car!!


Rachel Nguyen said...

Ah yes, having a fish really can be a damper on my fun. It's there as much to keep me in line as it is for anyone else to see, LOL.

About the rain: We just went about our business and got wet. Luckily, most days had a mix of clear thrown in, so there was only one day when it poured for the entire day. We were lucky!

Happy to be home, though. I missed my little life!