Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new gig

I started my new job today, working at the crisis pregnancy center in my area. Truly, I believe we are doing God's work there. Truly, I believe God has called me to that work. I feel proud that we are able to support women in a very real way.

The kids started school today too, so all around it is a time of change. My boys were so beautiful on their first day... new clothes and shoes. Noah was relaxed and excited to see his friends. Emmett hung back, standing by himself, looking very nervous. But by the time I picked him up at 3:00, he was all smiles, dragging his new rolling backpack behind him. We had a fun time going to the grocery store afterwards and picking out stuff for their lunches. Fruits, dried and fresh, cheese, even a can of slim jims, which seemed to be a slightly better choice than, say, oreos. Maybe I am kidding myself. The boys are paper bag guys, at this point, which I may have to rethink from an environmental perspective... but for today, that is what we have.

That wonderful fresh breeze that carries the promise of fall blew through our hearts today.

I praise you, Lord, for the beauty of your creation. For the changes of season and the rhythms of the year.

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Singing Owl said...

Just catching up. Thinking of your little guys at school made me smile. And many blessings with the new job. Awesome!