Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who is this beautiful young man?

Noah has been at sleep away church camp for the first time this week. Last night, I had to work, so Nguyen picked him up. I got home at 10 and found Noah, still up, brimming with excitement about how his week went.

I made some biffels. (Best Friends for Life)

I threw up. He said.

Andy, our councilor, was sick. (As in cool, not as in puking.)

He demonstrated his body building pose for me and told me about how cool chapel and compline and morning prayer were. He described the lake and the ox and showed me his arts and crafts project. I saw a picture of the kids in his cabin and heard about the navy showers. He lifted his shirt and showed me his six pack. He described how he and the biffels moved their bunks together so they could talk late into the night. His arm had all their phone numbers written in sharpie marker. He seemed to have grown 6 inches in one week. He gave me a big hug.

He can't wait to go next year.


Mary Beth said...

Oh, this is awesome.

mid-life rookie said...

Yes, awesome. Save this post. There will come a time when he doesn't share as well. I am waiting for that time to pass. I have heard bits and pieces about manBoy's mission trip, but nothing like your report. His youth leader assures me that from what he says in youth he loves us a great deal, just pulling away as he approaches 16.

Rachel Nguyen said...

Yes, awesome, indeed.

I know the pulling away thing is coming so yes, I am really relishing this right now.

Singing Owl said...

This was GREAT to read! Bless his little-boy heart and soul. :-)