Monday, July 21, 2008

A leap of faith

Today I emptied my email inbox AND the trash folder. Altogether, that were over 8000 messages. Most of them were spam. Some were notifications from the various online forums I belong to. Lots were emails from friends and family. But really, the amount had gotten so out of hand I couldn't see myself actually picking through them one by one to figure out what to save and what to dump. So off they went. Let's see if I trashed anything important. I will bet that nothing will be irreplaceable.

A clean inbox and an empty trash folder is the cyber equivalent of a clean desk.


Shift Worker said...

Oh, I am envious! During the year I committed to a Getting Things Done (GTD) style of keeping up with things, which includes ending each day with an empty inbox. WOW, did I ever get things done! But since then, avalanche inbox is more the rule by the end of the day. LOL

FYI one of the women on Sunday remarked that my lipstick was a lovely shade...definitely a successful Mary Kay shade! Unfortunately I couldn't remember the color to tell her, and all I could think is it's just this side of whore of Babylon. Praise God I was able to keep that to myself!

Rachel Nguyen said...

LOL, SW, THAT is hilarious!

I think it is a lovely shade on you, too.

(Whore of Babylon red... has a nice ring to it!)