Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One life

I have been teaching childbirth classes at a crisis pregnancy center here in RI.

It has been a little bit slow to start. For my first couple of series of classes I had one or two young mothers who would skip one or two of the classes. Some nights I would show up and no one would be there at all.

But we kept trying. The center's coordinator and I sat down and made a schedule for the classes for the whole year so now she can fit clients in according to due dates. People are starting to show up. Clients are coming in with their boyfriends or husbands.

I feel humbled and grateful that I can help these women prepare for their births. Some of them are confused and scared and I can reassure them that for at least this aspect of parenting, they can be prepared. And I help the dads, too. If the boyfriends or husbands show up, I teach them what to do to support their women during labor. I honor them for being a part of it. We are setting the stage for them to be active participants as parents and I tell you, you can see transformation happen before your very eyes. This is a miracle of God's grace.

Lots of times we get women who want to keep their babies and are looking for some support. But sometimes women who were planning abortions come to the center and change their minds. Sometimes those women end up in my class.

'Why do women who are planning an abortion come to the center in the first place?' I asked the coordinator.

She answered simply, 'The Lord brings them here.'

Which tells me that even in the midst of the chaos of fear, they are open, ever so slightly, to whisperings of God.

Praise to you, Lord Christ.


mid-life rookie said...

Thanks for doing what you do. I wish our son's birthmother had you to turned to when she was pregnant with manBoy. Instead she went through her pregnancy alone with no prenatal care or classes to teach her about birthing. All ended well, but I'm glad these other women have your knowledge and care to lean on.

Rachel Nguyen said...


My heart aches for women who have to face this alone. I thank God that CareNet has centers all over the counry. We do get women who are planning to put their babies up for adoption and I am grateful to be able to support them.

Thanks for stopping by! I'd appreciate it if you keep this ministry in your prayers.

Judith said...

This is great work that you are doing, truly the Lord's work. Bless you!

Rachel Nguyen said...


It IS God's work, LOL. He was the one that brought me to it, and now I am so grateful he did.

Sometimes these moms even find Christ in the midst of all this chaos in their lives. That, to me, is one of the best miracles of all.